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Someone who has been impacted by sexual harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal (relationship) violence, sexual exploitation, or stalking may need resources and support immediately following an incident, and/or in the weeks, months, and years moving forward. Individuals can use as many or as few of the options included below as they need. What’s helpful and supportive may vary from one person to another and may change over time depending on circumstances.

Any individual can experience harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and/or stalking regardless of their identities. Individuals of marginalized communities, however, often face higher rates of harassment and violence and experience additional barriers in seeking help and support. Violence intersects with the different identities an individual holds and can impact how someone experiences violence and/or harassment, responds to trauma, accesses help and support, makes decisions about reporting, or moves forward in their coping and healing.

In accordance with University recommendations, many offices on campus will be serving our community through remote communication which includes phone and video calls. Please refer to any resource’s website (website information included for each resource in the sections below) for the most up-to-date information regarding remote services and support. 

After experiencing a traumatic event, it can be hard to know where to start or what to do. The Gender Violence Services Coordinators (GVSC) in the Carolina Women’s Center (confidential) and the Report and Response Coordinators (RRC) in the Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC) Office (private) can help individuals navigate the support available on campus and in the community. You do not have to know what you want to do before talking to the GVSCs or RRCs.


This Quick Reference Guide can provide resources and options for individuals who have experienced 
and/or have been impacted by sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and/or stalking.
Reference Guide