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What is sexual exploitation under the University's Policy?

Sexual Exploitation is a form of Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment that involves one or more of
the following behaviors committed for any purpose, including sexual arousal or gratification,
financial gain, or other personal benefit:

  • (1) taking sexual advantage of another person without Consent;
  • (2) taking advantage of another’s sexuality; or
  • (3) extending the bounds of consensual Sexual Contact without the knowledge of the
    other individual.

Examples of Sexual Exploitation include, but are not limited to: threatening to disclose an individual’s Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression; observing another individual’s nudity or Sexual Contact, or allowing another to observe the same, without the knowledge and Consent of all parties involved; non-consensual streaming of images, photography, video, or audio recording of Sexual Contact or nudity, or distribution of such without the knowledge and Consent of all parties involved; prostituting another individual; knowingly exposing another individual to a sexually-transmitted infection, without the individual’s knowledge; knowingly failing to use contraception without the other party’s knowledge; and inducing Incapacitation for the purpose of taking sexual advantage of another person.

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What are examples of sexual exploitation?

  • Video taping consensual sex without the other person’s knowledge.
  • Threatening to disclose someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity without their approval.
  • Intentionally getting someone drunk or high in order to take advantage of them sexually.

Where can I find help?

If you have experienced sexual exploitation, you are encouraged to seek support and report the incident.