If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911 from anywhere for immediate assistance.

Reporting to law enforcement is an option available to you if you have experienced harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, or stalking. Reporting to law enforcement may allow for a criminal investigation to be conducted and criminal charges to follow.  You may bring a support person with you to make the report.

For emergency situations, dial 911 for immediate assistance.  If you call 911 on campus, the UNC Police Department (formerly DPS) will respond.  For non-emergency situations, call local law enforcement or UNC Police’s non-emergency number and ask to speak with an investigator. UNC Police will inform the necessary University staff of the incident.

If you are not ready to file a report with law enforcement, you can still call a local law enforcement agency and ask to speak with an investigator about what would happen if you file a report and the protective orders that are available.

UNC Police Department

  • police.unc.edu, (919) 962-8100 (non-emergency) or 911
  • When you contact UNC Police to report an incident, they will inform the necessary University staff of the incident.

Carrboro Police Department (Off Campus)

Chapel Hill Police Department (Off Campus)

Orange County Sheriff’s Office (Off Campus)

  • ocsonc.com, (919) 245-2900 (non-emergency) or 911