Fall 2016 Course Offering


Applications Available for Fall 2016

WGST 340: Leadership in Violence Prevention


This APPLES service-learning course is an examination of interpersonal violence and violence prevention. We will examine sexual assault, abusive relationships, and stalking from individual to structural levels, considering both perpetrators and victims. We will address questions such as: What kind of societal conditions enable violence? How are forms of oppression and violence related to each other? How are campuses and communities reacting to and working to prevent violence?  Particular focus will be paid to root causes and prevention strategies.


Students will begin training as peer educators by facilitating parts of the class and opting to become One Act peer educators. At the end of this course, students will have developed a broad knowledge base about violence, practiced facilitation skills, identified skill areas of strength and improvement, and identified opportunities for peer education, both formally and informally.

As part of the 30-hour service-learning component of the course, students will train to facilitate One Act and/or have placements in the community and on campus.


Please return the application (Word doc) to shelleygist@unc.edu by 5pm on March 24th.


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