There are an array of student organizations, both undergraduate and graduate/professional, that work to end interpersonal and sexual violence on campus and to bring attention to other health-related issues.  Search all student organizations here. If you’d like your group listed here, please fill out our contact page.

Alpha Chi Omega

The Epsilon Chi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega sorority focuses their philanthropic efforts on the awareness and prevention of domestic violence. Alpha Chi Omega at UNC-Chapel Hill is proud to work closely with the Compass Center for Women and Families. Their annual golf and kickball tournaments help raise awareness while also providing donations to aid the victims of domestic violence.

Campus Y

Campus Y has several groups as part of the Human Rights Committee. Carolina Against Slavery and Trafficking advocates for a world void of sex and labor trafficking. Coalition for Human Rights (CHR) is a committee of the Campus Y dedicated to social justice initiatives through activism and awareness. CHR is a coalition that brings both domestic and international human rights issues to the forefront of the Campus Y. Through discussion, educational initiatives and grassroots activism, CHR delves into issues encompassing death penalty abolition, migrant rights, immigration reform and genocide prevention. Carolina Advocating for Gender Equality (CAGE) aims to change the culture surrounding gender to stop gender bias from happening in the first place.

Delta Sigma Theta

The Kappa Omicron chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority focuses on raising awareness of domestic violence. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization built on Christian principles whose purpose is to provide services and programs that promote human welfare. The women of Delta are dedicated to sisterhood, scholarship and service.

Law Students Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (School of Law)

UNC School of Law’s Law Students Against Sexual and Domestic Violence is a University-recognized student organization that provides free legal representation to victims of domestic violence who are seeking a civil domestic violence protective order. LSASDV also sponsors speakers and programs to educate the University community about domestic violence.

Intimate Partner Violence Awareness and Advocacy (School of Medicine)

The Intimate Partner Violence Awareness and Advocacy (IPVAA) Project is a University-recognized student group at UNC School of Medicine that seeks to provide medical students with opportunities to learn more about how health care providers can address intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual assault in clinical settings and as advocates in the community. Activities include a journal club, lectures on topics related to IPV, and volunteer and shadowing opportunities.

One Act

One Act is a skills training that focuses on bystander education as a way to prevent violence. The Steering Committee has leadership opportunities for students to get involved as a committee member, committee Co-Chair, or peer educator.

Project Dinah

Project Dinah is a student organization that is devoted to safety and empowerment. Their mission, since 2004, is to end all sexual and interpersonal violence on campus and in our community. They regularly sponsor numerous education and advocacy programs to this end.

Project Dinah sponsors the Speak Out! Blog where students are invited to break the silence that surrounds sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship abuse, stalking, hate crimes, and identity-based violence.

Project Dinah has created photography projects which feature photos of community members who have spoken out against violence. The Courage Project is an empowering photo gallery project and a celebration of solidarity among all who have supported the healing, witnessed, or survived sexual or interpersonal violence. It features a photo and testimonial gallery that shares the stories of those who have been affected by violence. Project Dinah also created a video: Carolina Stands With Survivors


The Siren

The Siren is a student-produced publication that promotes a feminist perspective on issues surrounding gender, identity, sexuality, and human rights. All are welcome to write for, or otherwise be involved with, the Siren.

Student Committee for Safety and Security

The Student Committee for Safety and Security oversees the allocation of the Safety and Security Fee and acts as an advocate for better safety on campus. The members review funding requests for safety related events such as self-defense classes and items such as assault whistles. The committee also works with the Department of Public Safety to improve lighting on campus and to ensure the P2Ps run efficiently. The committee’s goal is to inform every student of his or her right to safety and the means available for preserving this safety.

Students United for Reproductive Justice

Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) exists to educate, engage, and empower the UNC-Chapel Hill community about reproductive health and rights, including the impact of violence against women on reproductive justice. They host an annual conference called Womyn’s Issues Now (WIN) in collaboration with Ipas.

UNC Betas

UNC Betas, or Beta Lambda Chapter of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated (OPBSI), is a multiculturally-based, Latina-oriented organization embracing the diversity of all women. OPBSI envisions a world without oppression, where empowered women celebrate the essence of womanhood and act as resources in the advancement of their communities. The Beta Lambda chapter focuses on mental health issues as well as violence against women in their service and awareness-raising activities.

UNC-Chapel Hill's Men's Project

The UNC Men’s Project is a group that seeks to create opportunities for men to learn, listen, reflect, and work together to increase men’s involvement in gender equity efforts and violence prevention.

The UNC Men’s Project recruits a core group of men on campus to participate in a semester-long program that will explore a spectrum of masculinities, examine how our own stories are shaped by masculinity, and give participants the tools and knowledge to become peer allies, leaders, and educators in violence prevention efforts at UNC.

Additionally, the UNC Men’s Project works year-round to support the various ongoing efforts around violence prevention and gender equity at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The UNC Men’s Project is committed to working with a diverse group of men who come from different class, ability, racial, religious, and ethnic groups and identify across the spectrum of sexuality. All active male-identified UNC students are welcome and encouraged to apply to our semester-long program.

This project is organized by Student Wellness with support from Sacrificial Poets. The UNC Men’s Initiative was made possible by the generous support of the Verizon Foundation.

VDay Carolina

VDAY Carolina is a student-run organization dedicated to the mission of V-Day International: “V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery.”