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Carolina Community Academy: Visa & Immigration Support

If you are in need of visa and/or immigration assistance, please contact one of the resources below.

Resources provided are not an exhaustive list. Individuals can learn more about their specific options by contacting any of the resources listed.

  • NC Justice Center Website | NC Justice Center Email | 919-856-2570
  • The mission of the NC Justice Center is to “eliminate poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household in the state has access to the resources, services, and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic success”. They are dedicated to ensuring that immigrant families have access to legal representation, healthcare, and public benefits through their statewide efforts in advocacy and community engagement.

  • USCRI Website | USCRI Email| 919-334-0072
  • USCRI NC works with newcomer community members to facilitate integration, empowerment and self-sufficiency. Services offered by USCRI NC include supportive case management, housing placement, cultural orientation, school enrollment, healthcare coordination and employment preparation and placement.